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The late MILF chairman, Ustadhz Salamat Hashim, was delivering a sermon for the Eid`l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) early morning prayers when the military`s onslaught started.

Hashim barely escaped death as bombs fell all around. Al-Hajj Murad Ebrahim took the place of Hashim and the MILF founder`s peace negotiation with the government.

Bahawa ini hadits meriwayatkan dia oleh Imam Bukhari dan Muslim dan selain keduanya daripada beberapa orang sahabat akan tetapi pada salah satu daripada riwayat Imam Muslim iaitu tafarrud dengan riwayatnya dari Abdil Malik bin Al Sobah oleh rawi yang satu iaitu Abu Ghassan al Mismaie Malik bin Abdil Wahid.The MILF leader, who is the chairman of the Moro rebel group`s information committee, said a Malaysian official whom he did not identify informed him of the recent visit of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Rafael Seguis, new Presidential Peace Process Adviser Avelino Razon Jr., and Ryan Mark Sullivan, a director at the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP). 27 to 29 and met with officials there, asking them to convey to the MILF that Manila is ready for an immediate resumption of the peace talks.It was learned that any communication between the two peace panels must be coursed through Malaysia.As this developed, disgruntled MILF commanders Ameril Umbra Kato and Abdullah "Bravo" Macapaar raided Christian communities in North Cotabato and Lanao del Norte, prompting the President to order an all-out offensive. Then Vice President Gloria Arroyo then replaced Estrada on Jan.Since June 2001, with the resumption of formal talks in Tripoli, Libya, Malaysia has been facilitating the talks, spending hundreds of millions of pesos for its contingent in the International Monitoring Team in Mindanao since 2004. 20, 2001, and scuttled her predecessor`s all-out war policy with her all-out peace policy.

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